Curriculum Grade 1

Grade One – Religious Education Program Curriculum

Theme: God is our Father who loves us. Jesus is the Son of God who tells us about our Father. The Holy Spirit helps us to be holy.

Objective: To develop an awareness of God the creator, who gives us life and grace and promises us eternal life through Jesus.

Profession of Faith: “I believe in God the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.”

Words to be taught:

Advent Creator Mass
Amen Easter Parish
Catholic Guardian Angel Sacrament of Baptism
Christmas Lent Sacred Scripture
Church Liturgical Year Saint

Liturgical Symbols and Gestures to be taught:

Altar Holy Water Font Sanctuary
Baptismal Font Kneeling Sign of the Cross
Genuflection Lectern Tabernacle
Tabernacle Lamp
  • Give Sacred Scripture a special place in the classroom.
  • Have the children bless themselves with holy water as a reminder of their baptism.
  • Encourage a reverent and prayerful attitude in the place of worship.
  • Have the children genuflect or make a profound bow before the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle.
  • Foster the children’s participation in the prayer and worship of the parish community.
Prayers to be taught: Prayers to be encouraged:
Sign of the Cross Morning and Evening Prayers
Our Father Grace at Meals
Hail Mary Spontaneous Prayer
Glory to the Father (Doxology)
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