Parent/Student Roles

Role of the Parent

The parent has the primary and sacred responsibility to educate their child in the faith.

St. Pius X Program will assist you in providing your children with quality religious education and formation of Christian character in our Catholic faith.
The child learns in his or her religious education class that celebrating the Eucharist on Sunday and Holy Days as a community is essential to being Catholic.
Children must attend Sunday & Holy Day liturgies supported by his/her parents.

It is the parents responsibility for transportation of their children to & from St. Pius X where Religious Education Classes are held. The only exception would be students who have permission to walk from their homes or Scarsdale Middle School.

Entrance and exit is through the main doors into the school lobby only. Adults and children may not use side or back doors at any time other than emergency situations.

In the interest of the safety of all children, please follow the traffic pattern outlined below:

Enter St. Pius X Parking Lot from Mamaroneck Road. Parents/Guardians of children in Grades 1 & 2 should park cars and come into the school to pick up your child/children. Please park your cars in parking spaces (Not in Handicapped or Fire Lane Spaces) and be aware of children in the lot.

If a child must leave early a note should be sent to the teacher & Religious Education Office. The adult that will be picking up the child early must come to the office and sign the child out and get an early dismissal pass to give to the teacher.

When leaving the parking lot exit by way of Secor Rd. in front of the Rectory. Thank you for your cooperation.

Your child/children’s safety is our concern.

Please be careful and drive slowly.

No child should be on the playground before or after class without adult supervision. The playground is closed at dusk or raining.

Role of the Student


  • Weekly attendance at Religious Education Classes
  • Proper preparation for class instruction Completed homework
  • Textbook & Folder available each week
  • Participation in class discussion & activities
  • Satisfactory completion of special assignments

Doing the very best work possible, Just getting by is not a worthwhile goal.

All students are to bring to class each week, textbook, completed homework & folder. Homework will be assigned and tests will be given periodically. Please be sure your child completes all assignments. A passing grade will be based upon their class and homework assignments, attendance and participation. Progress reports will be issued in January and May.

If your child will be absent from class please call the Religious Education Office. Your child is expected to make up missed work at home. Three (3) absences are allowed from September through May. Excessive absences may result in a child having to repeat the grade. The Religious Education Director will determine the course of action.

All of our children are to be on their best behavior, respectful and courteous to adults and students. If there are repeated difficulties with behavior, parents will be notified.

Here are some basic rules to follow:

  • Be on time for class
  • Raise your hand before speaking and not talk or interrupt when someone is speaking.
  • Show respect for other people’s property
  • Use appropriate language
  • Walk through the hall and don’t run
  • Keep hands to yourself
  • Go to the bathroom before class begins
  • Finish eating and drinking before going into the classroom
  • Cell phones and ipods need to be turned off during class

When coming to St. Pius X, we ask that the students dress appropriately.