What Parents Need to Know

What Parents and Young People Need to Follow for the Church of St. Pius X Religious Education Program

Traffic Pattern
Please enter the parking lot from Mamaroneck Road and leave by way of Secor Road in front of the Rectory. Parents of Grades 1 to 4 should park their car and walk to the main entrance of the school building to drop off and/or pick up your child. Do not drive in front of the Lobby of the school. Drive slowly as children often run out into the parking lot. Please be mindful and courteous to other drivers.

Arrival Protocols and Departure Protocols
Parents of children in Grades 1 and 2 should walk his/her child to his/her classroom using the Main Entrance of the School ONLY. Children from grades 3 to 8 should remain in the Lobby until the Catechist arrives to escort them to their classroom.  Students should not be in the classroom unless the Catechist is in the classroom.

Parents/guardians may come into the school building 10 minutes  before dismissal time and wait in the Lobby except that parents/guardians of children in Grades 1 and 2 may go to the classroom at 5:00 pm and wait outside the door for dismissal.

Special considerations, please, from your Director:

  • Drive carefully and slowly

  • No child should be on the playground before or after class without adult supervision.

  • No food may be brought into classroom by young people or catechists.  But children may bring their own snack and finish it by 3:30pm in the car or at the lobby.

  • For special occasions, Parish Hall will be used for any food consumption.
  • Consistent attendance is expected.  If a learner has a total of three (3) absences a conference with the parents will be required.  Confirmation preparation begins at Baptism and continue throughout the years preceding this sacrament.   A call to report an absence is expected by a parent.
  • Safety   –   Main school entrance will be the only means to enter and     leave the building for pick up.  The doors open from 3:15 to 3:45pm but will remain locked until 4:50pm.

Parents or guardian are not allowed to pick up their child/children in the classroom during class.  At no time will a child be permitted to leave the classroom on his/her own.  For early dismissal, someone from the office will get the student from his/her classroom.

  • Cellphone – No cellphone usage, text messaging or other electronic devices will be allowed in the classroom or at any Religious Education Program activity.  Cellphones maybe used in the school lobby to communicate with parents or guardians ONLY, NOT for social calls, and as permitted by Catechists at off-site religious Education Program activities. Cellphones and other electronic devices maybe confiscated it these rules are violated.  Parents maybe required to retrieve them.

Thank You.