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In weekly instruction, emphasis is placed on making students more aware of their responsibility to live the Christian life as maturing young adults. Special emphasis is placed on the role of the sacraments in the life of the Christian.

In addition to regular attendance at the Eucharist, special Masses provide opportunities for the students to engage more actively in the celebration. An Commitment Mass is the formal beginning of the candidate’s program. Other liturgical or Para-liturgical events include prayer and penance services, adoration, and our retreat experience.

Eighth Grade Students will be responsible for completing service projects outlined in our Service Program Booklet, along with outside programs that they are allowed to include.

Role of the Parents in the Preparation of Confirmation
As the primary educators of your children, you along with your child’s sponsor are intimately involved in the preparation for Confirmation. We ask that you serve as models for your children by being committed Christians, and by nurturing your child in faith. Every family should: assist your child with the immediate preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, through prayer, study and Christian service

  • go to Mass regularly
  • attend special Masses that are planned to help your son/daughter prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation
  • encourage your child to reflect on and thoughtfully consider the decision to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation
  • help your child understand that the Confirmation Service projects are the beginning of a life committed to Christian Service
  • stress the initiation aspect of the Sacrament by encouraging your child to continue learning more about their faith after they make their Confirmation.


  • Successfully complete the 7th Grade
  • Attend Sunday Masses and hand in Mass attendance slips or bulletins
  • Participate in the Commitment Mass
  • Attend our Confirmation Retreat
  • Complete 8th Grade Service Program
  • Successfully pass final exam
  • Interview with the Pastor
  • Take part in Confirmation Rehearsals

Hand in the following items by January:

  1. Sponsor Certificate
  2. Confirmation Name
  3. Information Sheet
  4. Service review sheet
  5. Letter to the Bishop