Parish Pay


General Questions

What is an Automated Recurring Direct Donation?
This type of donation is a pre-authorized amount deducted directly from your checking, savings, brokerage, or credit card account and deposited into the Church account saving time and money each month, simplifying your annual giving.

What payment methods does ParishPay accept?
ParishPay accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and the Discover Card. ParishPay also processes debits from checking accounts, savings accounts or any other account such as a money market or brokerage account.

How do I enroll with Parish Pay?
Our easy-to-use website lets you enroll in just a few short minutes. You can simply go to and complete the enrollment form.

How and when will my parish receive my donations?
After setting up your Parish account, ParishPay will process authorized donations on the 5th of every month and credit all collected funds to the Parish’s bank account.

How quickly does the Parish receive the funds from automatic contributions?
Funds are transferred to the Parish immediately as they become available.

Can donations be processed weekly?
No. The convenience of using ParishPay is based upon a monthly transaction. By processing monthly, ParishPay helps keep transaction costs as low as possible for the Church.

How long does it take before the Parish receives the benefit of people who have signed up for automatic monthly contributions from their accounts?
All new enrollments and transactions are input within a week of receipt. New donations to the Parish will be processed on the 5th of the following month.

Can I change the day of the month that the contribution is debited?
No. All automatic donations are processed on the 5th of the month, or if the 5th is not a business day, then donations are processed on the next business day.

Can ParishPay service special collections?
Yes. There is a place on the enrollment envelope and the online signup for special collections.


About Personal Data

How does ParishPay obtain my information?
There are two ways to provide ParishPay information:

  • by clicking here to use the attached form that you can drop into the collection basket or you can enroll using the Internet
  • by going to and completing the online enrollment form

How does the pastor know how much each parishioner gave?
Pastors are provided a monthly and annual report detailing the amount of donations by each parishioner.

How does ParishPay handle anonymous donations?
If a parishioner chooses to make an anonymous donation, their personal information will not be includedon the report – the Pastor will only see a cumulative total of donation amounts received from anonymous donors.

What happens if the parishioner’s checking account is closed?
The process is similar to that of a paper check. Typically, there is a $1.00 fee incurred by the Parish, and a notice is sent to the parishioner by letter or email.

What happens if the parishioner supplies an incorrect checking account number when signing up?
If the enrollment is completed by using an envelope, ParishPay or The parish office will contact the individual. If this enrollment is completed through the internet, the parishioner will be immediately prompted to correct the invalid routing or account information.

What happens if the parishioner supplies an incorrect credit card number when signing up?
Our system detects incorrect credit cards upon entry and immediately rejects the incorrect number. If the parishioner is enrolling through the Internet, they will be immediately prompted for a corrected account number. Likewise, the parishioner should update their account when they receive a new credit card number.

What happens with parishioners who feel uncomfortable not having something to physically drop into the collection basket?
ParishPay provides a special “Donation Slip” for those who feel more comfortable putting something in the basket each week.

Must an enrollee have a social security number?
No, parishioners do not need a social security number to use this service. All they need is a United States bank account or a valid credit card.

How does a parishioner change his/her information, such as the amount of the donation, bank account number, new credit card number, or mailing address?
Changes to information may be done by completing another enrollment form or on the Internet at

Can contributions be adjusted for inflation?
Yes. During the enrollment process the donor is given the option to adjust their donation to allow for inflation. This calculation will be applied automatically each January.

How does a parishioner discontinue the service?
Simply go to the ParishPay website at and hit the button to terminate the service, or email to saying that you wish to terminate the service.

How long does a parishioner’s enrollment last? Do they need to re-specify their donation each year?
No, re-enrollment is required and updates can be made through an envelope, or over the Internet at If parishioners decide to, we will apply the ParishPay inflation indexing option to their donation, allowing a 3.00% to 4.00% increase in the amount donated, starting in January of each year.

Enrollment is good until cancelled and parishioners do not need to re-register each year.


About Security

Is my bank account or credit card information disclosed to anyone?
No. ParishPay will never release any financial information to any party for any reason, except as required by law. For more, read our privacy policy located at or call us so that we can address your concerns.

How safe are Internet transactions using ParishPay?
ParishPay internet transactions are safe as transactions are at the highest security bank sites. ParishPay utilizes the most sophisticated security and encryption techniques permitted by the federal government. We have taken every measure to monitor and ensure that all of your transactions are safe. For more, read about “why it is safe” on our website located at or call us so that we can address your concerns.

Are ParishPay procedures audited?
Yes. ParishPay is audited each year by an independent auditor. In addition, your diocese, archdiocese, or overseeing religious organization has the right to conduct an annual audit of ParishPay.

Must a parishioner provide their social security number to enroll?
No. ParishPay’s enrollment process does not require a social security numbers. We ask for a four digit pin number which we recommend to represent the month; 01 – 12, and the day; 01 – 31, of their mother’s birth. Any four digit pin number will do. This is used to help ParishPay authenticate them when making Internet or telephone transactions, such as changing their contribution amount or bank name.


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